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Dec. 2nd, 2008

Studying in Yu Chang-hyok dojang

Since last week we (Javier and Alexa) officially study at Yu Chang-hyok baduk dojang in Bundang city in Korea. I'll write a few words about the school in this post, about how and why we got to this dojang - a little bit later.

As I wrote the dojang (baduk academy, where professional apprentices are studying to become professional players) is situated in Bundang city close to Seoul which means that at the moment we have to travel more then 2 hours every day to get there and come back all the way to Myeongil IBA dormitory. It'd be cool to move a bit closer soon.

There are approximately 45 kids studying here every day, in 4 groups. Most of these children are beetween 8 to 18 years old.

The owner of the place is "Che"(9p), and the regular teachers are: Yu Chang-hyok (9p), Kim Man-su (7p),Mr.Kim (9p)
There are other professional players visiting to study or to teach from time to time too, like  Lee younggu (8p), Park younghun(9p), Mok Jinseok(9p),etc

The schedule of the school is the following:

- most people arrive around 9-10 am, and in the morning we have self-study sessions, or in our case Lee Ha-jin (3p) who speaks English very well reviews our games from the day before too.

- lunch is supposed to last from 12:30 to 2PM, but the kids continue studying diligently right after they arrive back from lunch

- in the afternoon usually every group has a teacher taking care of them, who is giving the students tasks - such as life& death problems, professional game reviews, speed trials -  or makes the students play with each other and reviews their games.

- dinner is from 6PM to 7PM

- after dinner we usually play at least one more game, and study professional games until 9PM, when the kids who don't live in the dojang's dormitory leave to home.

I think that's all for today (mostly by Alexa, corrections by Javier, double copyright etc.) as it's already midnight and tomorrow we gotta wake up at 8:30 :(.. Goodnight

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