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Happy new year 2009!!!

Hey everybody!

Alexa and me (Javier) have been quite busy at the dojang since the New Year.
In Korea students have a really long 2 months holiday from Christmas until February. That's why our self-study session was moved from the morning to the evening. Every morning we had a 1 hour time trial for 20 problems of life and death and 4 pages of tesuji problems. After this we checked our answers with Kim Mansoo 7p for 1 hour. The ones who had the least mistakes got stamps for their great effort. Personally I think it was really nice solving those problems.
Actually the teachers are trying to encourage the kids to study even more on their holidays and most of the kids have written their goals on a piece of paper which is taped on their table.

A bit more than 1 week ago we had Hanbayon tournament. This time I didn't do so well. It felt like the opponents weren't too strong( I guess 4-5dan egf ). I think I should have slept more, in anycase I had 2 wins out of 5 (Hanbayon 3rd group, 2/5) so not a catastrophe either. Oh and the coolest thing at that day was when Alexa and Javier (that's me) went to a hairsalon to get me a haircut. I must say it was a positive suprise since the haircut turned out quite nice and it costed less than 10 euro. After that we even found out a bus which goes just around our subway stop and it was really quick just 40 minutes, with subway it took more than 1 hour 30 minutes.

Our last weekend was an extended holiday since the korean new year started on Sunday, so we had a 2-day holiday + weekend. Anyways we rested quite well and are ready to study with 100% again.

Today was our first school day and we started by playing Jubango, a 10 game match against the same opponents. Actually that's what we did in the morning and afternoon. I Played against a kid (his name is Lee Do-won),  who is 2nd group in Hanbayon ( I think 5dan egf). Some of our games were quite interesting and we kept winning in turns. After 6pm both of us were kind of tired and the score was just 3-3. Almost all the other kids had ended their 10 game Match and the fastest ones were even playing a second one.

At 6pm it was dinner-break. We went to eat chinese noodles and chicken rice, it was pretty tasty. After dinner luckily we didn't have to continue the Jubango anymore and instead we had a professional-game memorizing competition! For some reason Myongsu's chocolate bar was taken away from him by the teacher and it was a prize in the competition. At first it was "Level 1!" then the teacher yelled: " ready... go!" and we all started slamming the stones on the board really fast. The aim was to remember 180 moves, your result is based on how soon are you ready and how many mistakes did you have. At level 1 I had 5 mistakes and on level 2 and 3 none. In total I got a piece of chocolate and 2 candies, good job Javier.

That's all for this time, see you next time.