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February 18th, 2009

Wednesday (by Alexa)

Wooow, today I finally managed to wake up on time (8:20)!!! Unfortunately it wasn't worth much, as thanks to Javier we were still late from the dojang ;)... I just can't believe how a boy can't take a shower in less then 20 minutes, when I can.. But after almost 8 months I'm starting to get used to this ^.~

When we arrived to the dojang the others were already solving their life&death problems, which I'm really poor at compared to them, so the morning wasn't really about success for me. From the 4 pages of L&d (approximately 32 problems) I could barely solve 10 or so.

Lately we are playing a daily league in school, which has 11 groups, and in every group there are 6 to 8 people. In one group everybody is playing with everybody. I'm - what a suprise - in the 11-th group, which is not the best, but the worst ^^. At the end of a day the two students who had the best result in a group can go up, and the two worst ones go down - thanks god, this is not threatening me as there is no group under us, hehe.

Even though we only started going to Yu Chang-hyok dojang at the beginning of December, I feel I improved a lot. Before it barely happened that I won even 1 game, but nowadays I have at least 50 % score in my group almost every day. I even managed to get up to the 10-th group twice - even though I fell back right after, still have to work on this ^.~
Well, we will see if I really did improve or not on this weekend's Hanbayon tourney ... ;)

Today my result is exactly 50% from 4 games again, and I managed to freak out only after one of the losses , hehe
The little girl who I played with is the little sister of one of the stronger girls, but she is not one of my favourite opponents. I wonder if she even used her 10 minutes basic time in our game, and it's without exaggeration very rare that she is thinking on a move before playing it, which is just driving me crazy  -.- Still, I lost to her.

I was winning for a long time (with approximately 80 points of potential territory), when I had to make a decision if I should run away with one of my weak groups and maybe destroy some of my territory, or rather sacrifice the big group and maximise territory to avoid "complications". I chose this option, and I managed to avoid complications so well that 20 moves later I already had to resign ^^
I didn' t see a tesuji (and a ladder). Thanks to these all my territory suddenly vanished... huh -.-

I almost freaked out again (actually I wrote I did ) - which happens sometimes - but a chocolate and a coffee comforted me... (Javier's advice ^.^)
And after all, I play 5-6 games a day, 25-30 a week, and almost a hundred monthly, I shouldn't take them so seriously..at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself...

I couldn't study too diligently today again, because today Javier proposed to leave after dinner and look around at Seohyeon station. I liked the idea too as we are not spending too much time just the two of us, so we looked around in a big shopping center at Seohyeon...It looked luxurious  and it was also very expensive -.- ... I liked the basement the most, cuz there was a food mall, with wonderful cakes and cookieees ^.~

The best moment of tonight was when Javier managed to get out something from one of the game machine - some Hello Kitty stuff, which has two leaves on top of it's head, and the leaves are moving with solar power ^.^ (photos hopefully later)

And just 4 days and Mum is here ;)

And to end the post, a life&death problem from the book we are solving now, selected by Javier himself ^.^ Try to solve it! (both of them are black to play
Bye guys