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Today is Wednesday and by that I mean that it's the middle of the week, therefore the hardest day of the week as well.
Waking up was especially difficult today, and even the fact that we have TV (yaay) on our new mobile-phone couldn't really cheer me up, because after only 2 days of usage I broke it's antenna :D

There is a new Singaporean student who arrived to the dojang just this Monday and staying for approximately 2 weeks. Her name is Cindy, and she is either 1 or 3 dan (it's quite hard to know ones strength in the dojang, as there are no such things used as kyu or dan, people are either ranked by how many stones they play with a pro, or by their tygem account).
I played with her yesterday and managed to win. I think I had a good game before I overplayed (like usually), but at the end I got to kill her.

The main goal this month therefore is to get rid of the : I'm leading but let's overplay a little bit more strategy. Because I love to overplay, almost every weak player does... because how wonderful it is when the opponent falls into your trap, right? Well, these kids don't. So overplay strategy,... dropped. Easy to say.. :)

Anyway today finally I broke my 10 or so games loosing streak against the kids again. I played with Puppy (yes, it's a nickname) today and even though I self-ataried myself with 10 stones as a local ko-threath, I still managed to win. In the other two games today I wasn't so lucky though.. one of them was a 2.5 points, and the other was an overplay loss :)

Today I got like 3 of my games reviewed by the teachers, mostly Lee Ha-jin sabomnim, I'm kinda happy about that, because they really help get me a better feeling of the game as well as I learn a joseki almost every review.. there is a special English-speaking review session in the mornings just the 4 of us: Lee Ha-jin sabomni, Javier, Cindy, and me.  And it's nice.

Gotta go, that's it for today ~~
And just 2 days until weeekend ~~~


you are right

Wednesday is the worst day...
but monday morning can as bad.

Thursday is a small friday!


This is directed at marnocsan..

I recently registered, and paid for the IBA.

I had been following your blog, and the IBA Forums for a while, and I noticed you seemed to have gone away somewhere.

Why did you leave the IBA and join this other baduk school?

please respond via email boris.nygocenter@gmail.com, or on my Blog