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143-rd Hanbayon Tournament

Two weeks ago on Sunday Javier and me participated at Hanbayon tournament for the second time (for Javi actually it was already the third time, but because he probably doesn't have very pleasant memories from that day, let's just skip it).

Hanbayon stands for Korean Student's Tournament. Every high-school student and lower graders are allowed to participate on this event held approximately every 4 weeks at Sanbom city, except yongusengs (inseis) of course, who are usually not allowed to attend on any amateur tournaments.

Anyways there are 10 groups at Hanbayon, and each group has about 30 players. They play a 5 round swiss tournament.
The first few groups (1-2-3) are usually filled with future yongusengs (a few weeks ago a kid from Hanbayon 2nd group also passed the yonguseng preliminary tournament).

The players can move up or down in the groups depending on their result. Usually one with 3 wins or more can get into a stronger group at the next tournament. The ones with more losses then wins fall down.

The playing times are quite fast on the other hand. In the lower groups there are no clocks, as Korean kids usually play very fast, the organizers only make them play with a clock if the match is taking too long. In the upper groups the basic time is 10 minutes and the byo-yomi is 3 times 30 seconds.

Now, a little about our results. Last tournament Javier was playing in the 4th group, and I started at the 7th group, both of us managed to get 3 wins. Therefore I played at 6th group, but for some misterious reason Javier played in the 4th group again.

This time our cumulated winning percentage was a bit lower then last time, but the wins weren't shared as equally as last time.
Actually, they weren't shared equally at all. Javier did very good (4 out of 5), Alexa did very bad (let's not talk about it). :)

So the next Hanbayon tournament Javier will play in the 3rd while Alexa will play in the 7th group again.


Wow. I am starting to respect pros more and more.
But we didn't write anything about pros O.o
No but now I see how good you have to be to become one.